Why a family-focused movie database?

Because finding the perfect family movie should be a fun, safe, and stress-free experience (and too often it's not!).


  • Values-Based Approach: The core values promoted in each movie are highlighted with an intensity number to indicate how strongly they're emphasized. This helps you find movies that align with your family's values.
  • Concerns Clearly Noted: If a movie contains a key concern (such as violence, language, or scary scenes), it's noted (also with an intensity score and brief explanation).
  • FMDb Score: Our unique FMDb score is designed to quickly tell you if a movie is a good match for your family. This score considers factors like age-appropriateness, values, and overall entertainment quality.
  • Comprehensive Collection: Our growing collection includes a wide range of family-friendly movies, from animated classics to live-action adventures. If you notice a movie that's missing, please let us know!
  • Safe Browsing Environment: The site is designed to be a safe space for families to explore without encountering inappropriate content or advertisements.

Why Choose Family Movie DB?

  • Peace of Mind: Browse and discover movies without worrying about unsuitable content.
  • Quick and Easy Decisions: With our FMDb score and values-based approach, you can quickly decide if a movie is right for your family.
  • Simple and Clean Interface: Our user-friendly design makes it easy to find the perfect movie for your next family night.

Join Us on Our Journey

Family Movie DB is in its early days, and we are committed to growing our collection and enhancing our features. As we continue to develop, we aim to become your trusted source for family movie recommendations.

Thank you for visiting Family Movie DB. We hope our platform helps you create many memorable movie nights with your loved ones.

Happy watching!