Aladdin and the King of Thieves ( 1996 )


Legendary secrets are revealed as Aladdin and his friends—Jasmine, Abu, Carpet and, of course, the always entertaining Genie—face all sorts of terrifying threats and make some exciting last-minute escapes pursuing the King Of Thieves and his villainous crew.

Strong themes of friendship and loyalty among the characters.

Characters demonstrate bravery in the face of danger.

Characters show loyalty to one another and their commitments.


The importance of family and romantic love is highlighted.

Characters learn to forgive and reconcile.

violence 4/10

Some action scenes involving fights and mild peril.

sorcery 3/10

Use of magic and mystical elements throughout the movie.

fear 3/10

Scenes that might be scary for younger children, including menacing characters and situations.

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