Around the World in 80 Days ( 2004 )


A bet pits a British inventor, a Chinese thief and a French artist on a worldwide adventure that they can circle the globe in 80 days.

teamwork 9/10

Characters work together to achieve a common goal.

bravery 8/10

Characters demonstrate bravery by taking on daunting challenges.

friendship 8/10

Friendship and forming bonds with new people are highlighted.

curiosity 7/10

Exploration and curiosity about the world are central themes.

perseverance 7/10

Characters show perseverance in overcoming numerous obstacles.

humor 6/10

Humor is used throughout, often lightening the mood.

violence 4/10

Scenes with mild action violence including fights and chases.

language 2/10

Some mild language and name-calling.

intimacy 1/10

Brief, non-sensual romantic interactions.