Belle's Magical World ( 1998 )


Belle, the Beast, Lumiere, Cogsworth and the rest of those zany castle residents use their imaginations to embark on three magical, storybook adventures. This direct-to-video anthology serves as a "sequel" to Disney's animated hit film. In "The Perfect World," Belle and the Beast learn about forgiveness. In "Fifi's Folly," Lumiere's girlfriend is jealous of his bond with Belle. And in "Broken Wing," the Beast learns to be kind to an injured bird.

Characters consistently show care and concern for one another.

Acts of kindness are central to character interactions.

Strong emphasis on the importance of building and maintaining friendships.

Characters often work together to overcome challenges.

Themes of forgiving others and moving past misunderstandings.

Mutual respect among characters is highlighted as important.

Giving and sharing with others is portrayed positively.

fear 3/10

Mild peril and tension in certain scenes, but generally resolved quickly

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