Black Beauty ( 1946 )


Based on Anna Sewell's novel. In rural England of the 1880's, widower Squire Wendon is rearing his young daughter Anne. Her father has forbidden her to be present when their mare, "Duchess," gives birth. Anne sneaks out to the stable, however, and is discovered by her father who forbids her ever to ride Duchess again. Despite this punishment, he gives Anne Duchess's colt because it is her birthday, and she names him "Black Beauty."

The story emphasizes the importance of caring for animals and treating them kindly.

The bond between Black Beauty and the various owners who treat him well highlights the value of friendship.

The film underscores the responsibilities of pet ownership and the impact of one's actions on animals.

Respect for animals and their well-being is a recurring theme throughout the movie.

violence 3/10

There are a few scenes depicting mistreatment and harsh training of horses, which may be distressing to some viewers.

fear 3/10

Certain scenes involve accidents and peril that can be tense or unsettling, particularly for younger viewers.