Bridge to Terabithia ( 2007 )


Jesse Aarons trained all summer to become the fastest runner in school. So he's very upset when newcomer Leslie Burke outruns him and everyone else. Despite this and other differences including that she's rich, he's poor, she's a city girl, and he's a country boy the two become fast friends. Together they create Terabithia, a land of monsters, trolls, ogres, and giants where they rule as king and queen.

The movie highlights the importance and impact of a strong friendship.

Creativity is a major theme, as the characters create an imaginary world together.

Characters exhibit bravery in the face of challenges and fears.


The film depicts familial love and the bond between friends.


Trust is a key component in the relationships portrayed in the film.

The film promotes understanding and empathy among peers.

Respect for others, regardless of differences, is demonstrated.

Characters show courage in dealing with their fears and challenges.

fear 5/10

The film includes some intense sequences and themes of loss that may be emotionally challenging for younger viewers.

dark 4/10

The story features some dark and fantastical elements that might be unsettling for very young children.

violence 3/10

There are moments of mild bullying and some physical confrontations, but nothing overly graphic.