Christopher Robin ( 2018 )


Christopher Robin, the boy who had countless adventures in the Hundred Acre Wood, has grown up and lost his way. Now it’s up to his spirited and loveable stuffed animals, Winnie The Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and the rest of the gang, to rekindle their friendship and remind him of endless days of childlike wonder and make-believe, when doing nothing was the very best something.

friendship 10/10

The movie emphasizes the importance of maintaining and cherishing friendships.

love 9/10

It highlights the love within a family and the efforts taken to nurture these bonds.

responsibility 8/10

The main character showcases the importance of taking responsibility at home and at work.

loyalty 8/10

Loyalty among friends and family is a strong theme, showing dedication and support through tough times.

teamwork 7/10

Characters often work together to solve problems and support each other.

empathy 7/10

The story portrays empathy and understanding toward others’ feelings and needs.

fear 2/10

Some scenes may be mildly frightening for very young children as they involve mildly intense situations.

violence 1/10

Very mild slapstick violence in a few scenes that is mostly comedic in nature but not intense or frequent.