Coraline ( 2009 )


A young girl discovers an idealized parallel universe behind a secret door in her new home, unaware that it contains a sinister secret.

bravery 9/10

The main character demonstrates significant bravery in facing frightening and dangerous situations.

curiosity 8/10

The character's curiosity drives the story and leads to discoveries and adventures.

perseverance 8/10

The protagonist shows perseverance in overcoming challenges and trying to save others.

creativity 7/10

The movie highlights the value of creativity through its imaginative storyline and visual design.

love 7/10

Underlying the plot is a theme of familial love and the lengths one will go to for loved ones.

responsibility 6/10

The main character learns about responsibility through her actions and their consequences.

dark 9/10

The movie has a dark, eerie atmosphere that may be unsettling for younger children.

fear 8/10

There are several intense scenes involving creepy characters and situations that might frighten children.

violence 5/10

Some scenes depict mild violence and peril that could be disturbing to younger viewers.

sorcery 4/10

Themes of magic and otherworldly elements are present and may be of concern to some families.