D2: The Mighty Ducks ( 1994 )


After Gordon Bombay's hockey comeback is cut short he is named coach of Team USA Hockey for the Junior Goodwill Games. Bombay reunites the Mighty Ducks and introduces a few new players, however, he finds himself distracted by his newfound fame and must regather if the Ducks are to defeat tournament favourites Iceland.

teamwork 9/10

The primary theme of the movie revolves around the importance of working together as a team.

friendship 8/10

Strong bonds of friendship are shown among the team members.

perseverance 7/10

The characters face various challenges and show determination to overcome them.

leadership 6/10

Leadership qualities are highlighted through the coach and team captains.

respect 5/10

The film emphasizes the importance of respecting teammates and opponents.

violence 4/10

There are various hockey scenes with minor injuries and rough play.

language 3/10

Mild language and taunts are present throughout the film.

intimacy 2/10

Some brief romantic elements and kissing.

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