Dolphin Tale 2 ( 2014 )


The team of people who saved Winter's life reassemble in the wake of her surrogate mother's passing in order to find her a companion so she can remain at the Clearwater Marine Hospital.

compassion 9/10

Shows deep compassion for animals and the importance of animal welfare.

empathy 9/10

Encourages understanding and empathy towards the feelings and needs of others.

teamwork 8/10

Highlights the significance of working together to solve problems and achieve goals.

friendship 8/10

Emphasizes the value of friendship and support among the characters.

perseverance 7/10

Demonstrates the determination to overcome obstacles and challenges.

responsibility 7/10

Underscores the importance of being responsible for caring for others, especially animals.

fear 3/10

Mildly intense scenes involving injured animals which might be distressing to younger children.

violence 2/10

Minor instances of animals in distress or subtle human conflict.

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