Grumpy Old Men ( 1993 )


For decades, next-door neighbors and former friends John and Max have feuded, trading insults and wicked pranks. When an attractive widow moves in nearby, their bad blood erupts into a high-stakes rivalry full of naughty jokes and adolescent hijinks.

friendship 8/10

The movie emphasizes the importance and complexities of long-term friendships.

humor 7/10

Humor is used extensively to deal with life's challenges and conflicts.

compassion 6/10

Characters demonstrate moments of compassion towards one another despite their differences.

love 6/10

The narrative includes elements of romantic and familial love.

forgiveness 5/10

The film illustrates the power of forgiving past grievances for personal growth.

language 6/10

Moderate to strong language used frequently throughout the movie.

intimacy 4/10

Mild sexual innuendo and references, but no explicit scenes.

alcohol 3/10

Characters are occasionally seen drinking alcohol in social settings.

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