Happy People: A Year in the Taiga ( 2010 )


In the center of the story is the life of the indigenous people of the village Bakhtia at the river Yenisei in the Siberian Taiga. The camera follows the protagonists in the village over a period of a year. The natives, whose daily routines have barely changed over the last centuries, keep living their lives according to their own cultural traditions.

perseverance 8/10

The film highlights the persistence and dedication required to live and work in a remote and harsh environment like the Taiga.

responsibility 7/10

It emphasizes the sense of duty the individuals have towards their community and their environment.

respect 7/10

Respect for nature and the ecosystem is prominently depicted throughout the movie.

self-control 6/10

The film showcases the importance of self-discipline and endurance in surviving the extreme conditions.

curiosity 5/10

The documentary ignites curiosity about different lifestyles and survival skills in harsh conditions.