Homeward Bound II: Lost in San Francisco ( 1996 )


When the pets accidentally get separated from their vacationing owners, Chance, Shadow, and Sassy navigate the mean streets of San Francisco, trying to find their home across the Golden Gate Bridge. But the road is blocked by a series of hazards, both man and beast.

friendship 9/10

The strong bond and camaraderie between the pets highlight the importance of friendship.

loyalty 9/10

The pets remain loyal to each other and their family throughout their journey.

bravery 8/10

The pets show bravery as they navigate through the city to find their way home.

perseverance 8/10

The pets demonstrate perseverance by overcoming numerous obstacles to reach their goal.

fear 4/10

There are some intense moments where the pets face dangers and threats.

violence 3/10

Some scenes depict mild animal confrontations and chase sequences.

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