How to Train Your Dragon ( 2010 )


As the son of a Viking leader on the cusp of manhood, shy Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III faces a rite of passage: he must kill a dragon to prove his warrior mettle. But after downing a feared dragon, he realizes that he no longer wants to destroy it, and instead befriends the beast – which he names Toothless – much to the chagrin of his warrior father.

Strong emphasis on the bond between the characters and the importance of forming meaningful relationships.

The protagonist shows courage in challenging situations and stands up for his beliefs.


Building trust between characters, including forging unexpected alliances.

Characters work together to overcome obstacles and achieve common goals.

Acts of understanding and empathy towards others, including dragons.

Overcoming hardships and continuing to strive towards goals despite challenges.

Learning to respect creatures that are initially misunderstood.

The protagonist's desire to learn more about dragons and their nature.

violence 5/10

Scenes of mild to moderate action, including dragon fights and battles.

fear 4/10

Some intense sequences and scary moments involving dragons.

dark 3/10

Themes of danger and conflict that might be unsettling for very young viewers.

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