It's a Wonderful Life ( 1946 )


A holiday favourite for generations... George Bailey has spent his entire life giving to the people of Bedford Falls. All that prevents rich skinflint Mr. Potter from taking over the entire town is George's modest building and loan company. But on Christmas Eve the business's $8,000 is lost and George's troubles begin.

friendship 9/10

The power and support of friendship are central themes.

generosity 9/10

Generosity is a key value displayed by the characters.

love 9/10

Love for family and community is a core theme.

compassion 8/10

Strong themes of compassion and helping others in need.

gratitude 8/10

A strong message of gratitude and thankfulness.

loyalty 8/10

Loyalty to family, friends, and community is prominently showcased.

trust 8/10

Trust in others is an important theme in the storyline.

bravery 7/10

The protagonist shows bravery in difficult circumstances.

empathy 7/10

The protagonist deeply empathizes with the struggles of others.

perseverance 7/10

The protagonist demonstrates perseverance through hardships.

responsibility 7/10

The film highlights taking responsibility for one's actions.

forgiveness 6/10

The film emphasizes the importance of forgiveness.

self-control 5/10

Characters display self-control in various situations.

dark 4/10

Themes of despair and suicide are present.

alcohol 3/10

Characters are shown drinking alcohol and there are scenes in a bar.

violence 2/10

Some physical altercations and minor scuffles occur.