Kung Fu Panda 3 ( 2016 )


While Po and his father are visiting a secret panda village, an evil spirit threatens all of China, forcing Po to form a ragtag army to fight back.

teamwork 9/10

Importance of working together to achieve a common goal is highlighted.

bravery 8/10

Characters demonstrate bravery in the face of danger.

friendship 7/10

Strong themes of friendship and camaraderie.

respect 7/10

Respect for mentors and elders is emphasized.

self-control 6/10

Characters learn to control their emotions and abilities.

violence 4/10

Typical animated martial arts action with some intense fighting scenes.

fear 3/10

Some scenes may be intense or scary for very young children.

sorcery 3/10

Elements of magical powers and supernatural abilities.

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