Meet the Robinsons ( 2007 )


Lewis, a brilliant young inventor, is keen on creating a time machine to find his mother, who abandoned him in an orphanage. Things take a turn when he meets Wilbur Robinson and his family.

perseverance 10/10

The protagonist shows perseverance in overcoming obstacles and achieving his goals.

creativity 8/10

Encourages creative thinking and innovation.

learning 8/10

Promotes the value of learning from failures and mistakes.

bravery 7/10

Characters demonstrate bravery in challenging situations.

forgiveness 7/10

Characters learn to forgive themselves and others.

love 6/10

Themes of familial love and friendship are prominent.

teamwork 5/10

Emphasizes the importance of working together to solve problems.

violence 4/10

Some scenes involve mild cartoonish action and peril.

fear 3/10

Certain characters and situations might be mildly scary for younger children.