Nanny McPhee ( 2005 )


Widower Cedric Brown hires Nanny McPhee to care for his seven rambunctious children, who have chased away all previous nannies. Taunted by Simon and his siblings, Nanny McPhee uses mystical powers to instill discipline. And when the children's great-aunt and benefactor, Lady Adelaide Stitch, threatens to separate the kids, the family pulls together under the guidance of Nanny McPhee.

obedience 5/10

The film emphasizes the value of listening to authority figures in a positive and respectful manner.

love 5/10

The theme of familial love is central to the story, highlighting the bonds between the children and their father.

responsibility 4/10

The children learn to take responsibility for their actions through Nanny McPhee's guidance.

teamwork 4/10

Throughout the movie, the siblings learn the importance of working together to solve their problems.

self-control 4/10

Characters develop self-control and learn to manage their behavior with the help of Nanny McPhee's lessons.

sorcery 4/10

Nanny McPhee uses magical powers to discipline and teach lessons to the children, which might be of concern to parents who are cautious about depictions of magic.

dark 3/10

Some scenes involve a bit of dark or spooky elements when Nanny McPhee uses her magic, which could be mildly unsettling to very young children.

violence 3/10

There are some instances of mild slapstick violence, such as the children playing pranks and causing minor chaos.

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