Son of Flubber ( 1963 )


Beleaguered professor Ned Brainard has already run into a pile of misfortunes with his discovery of the super-elastic substance "Flubber." Now he hopes to have better luck with a gravity-busting derivative he's dubbed "Flubbergas." Ned's experiments, constantly hampered by government obstruction, earn the consternation of his wife, Betsy. But a game-winning modification to a football uniform may help Ned make the case for his fantastic new invention.

creativity 9/10

Promotes inventive thinking with the protagonist's scientific innovations.

perseverance 8/10

Showcases determination in overcoming challenges and setbacks.

humor 7/10

Light-hearted and comedic moments throughout the film.

violence 2/10

Mild slapstick and comic mischief with no serious injuries.

intimacy 1/10

Innocent and brief romantic elements without any explicit content.

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