Stuart Little ( 1999 )


The adventures of a heroic and debonair stalwart mouse named Stuart Little with human qualities, who faces some comic misadventures while living with a human family as their child.

love 9/10

The movie emphasizes the love and acceptance within the family.

friendship 8/10

The importance of friendship and forming strong bonds is a central theme.

compassion 8/10

Acts of compassion and understanding between characters are highlighted throughout the film.

bravery 7/10

Stuart demonstrates bravery in various challenging situations.

loyalty 7/10

Characters exhibit loyalty towards one another, particularly in times of need.

fear 3/10

Some scenes may be mildly scary for very young children, particularly those involving cats and moments of peril.

violence 2/10

There is some mild cartoonish violence and slapstick comedy, mostly involving the cat character.

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