The Gnome-Mobile ( 1967 )


An eccentric millionaire and his grandchildren are embroiled in the plights of some forest gnomes who are searching for the rest of their tribe. While helping them, the millionaire is suspected of being crazy because he's seeing gnomes! He's committed, and the niece and nephew and the gnomes have to find him and free him.

friendship 8/10

The movie emphasizes the importance of friendship and working together to achieve a common goal.

compassion 7/10

Characters show compassion for the gnomes and their plight, demonstrating empathy and kindness.

courage 6/10

The characters exhibit courage in their efforts to help the gnomes and protect them from harm.

fear 3/10

Some scenes may be mildly scary for young children, such as moments of peril or tension involving the gnomes.

violence 2/10

There are a few instances of mild slapstick violence.