The Incredibles ( 2004 )


Bob Parr has given up his superhero days to log in time as an insurance adjuster and raise his three children with his formerly heroic wife in suburbia. But when he receives a mysterious assignment, it's time to get back into costume.

family 10/10

A strong focus on the importance of family and supporting one another.

teamwork 9/10

The movie emphasizes the importance of working together as a team.

bravery 8/10

Characters demonstrate bravery in facing dangerous situations.

perseverance 8/10

Characters show determination and persistence in overcoming challenges.

responsibility 7/10

Characters show the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

self-control 6/10

Certain scenes highlight the importance of controlling one's emotions and powers.

violence 6/10

Action scenes include superhero fights, explosions, and property destruction.

fear 4/10

Some intense sequences that might be scary for younger children.

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