The Little Rascals ( 1994 )


When nine-year-old Alfalfa falls for Darla, his "He-Man-Woman-Hating" friends attempt to sabotage their relationship.

friendship 10/10

The movie highlights the importance of friendship and working together.

teamwork 10/10

Characters learn to cooperate and support each other to achieve common goals.

humor 9/10

The film is filled with light-hearted and child-friendly humor.

kindness 8/10

Acts of kindness and consideration for others are shown.

creativity 7/10

The characters exhibit creative problem-solving and imagination.

violence 3/10

Mild comic violence and slapstick humor involving the characters.

language 2/10

Some mild insults and name-calling.

fear 2/10

Some scenes may be mildly intense for very young children.

intimacy 1/10

Innocent romantic themes and a few kisses.