The Return of Jafar ( 1994 )


The evil Jafar escapes from the magic lamp as an all-powerful genie, ready to plot his revenge against Aladdin. From battling elusive villains atop winged horses, to dodging flames inside an exploding lava pit, it's up to Aladdin - with Princess Jasmine and the outrageously funny Genie by his side - to save the kingdom once and for all.

The movie emphasizes the importance of friends working together to solve problems.

Loyalty to friends and loved ones is highlighted as a key virtue.

Characters demonstrate bravery in facing challenges and dangers.

The storyline includes themes of forgiveness and making amends.

sorcery 5/10

Magic and sorcery play a central role in the storyline.

violence 4/10

There are scenes of cartoonish action and mild peril.

fear 3/10

Certain scenes may be mildly frightening for younger viewers.

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