The Secret of NIMH ( 1982 )


A widowed field mouse must move her family -- including an ailing son -- to escape a farmer's plow. Aided by a crow and a pack of superintelligent, escaped lab rats, the brave mother struggles to transplant her home to firmer ground.

The protagonist shows great courage in facing overwhelming challenges.

Displaying courage is a key theme throughout the movie.

Characters demonstrate concern for others’ well-being.

The protagonist takes on significant responsibility to protect family.

The value of friendship is highlighted through character relationships.

Working together is essential to overcome hurdles in the story.

fear 8/10

Intense moments and scary characters might frighten children.

dark 7/10

The movie has several dark and gloomy scenes that can be unsettling for younger viewers.

sorcery 6/10

Elements of magic and mystical phenomena are present.

violence 5/10

There are some scenes of mild violence and peril.