Tom Sawyer ( 2011 )


Tom Sawyer has a head full of pranks and drives when he invents is not just a new adventure, preferably around with his best buddy Huck Finn - much to the chagrin of his Aunt Polly with Tom and his half-brother Sid in the town of St. Petersburg on the Mississippi river.

friendship 8/10

The bonds of friendship between the characters are a central theme.

bravery 7/10

Characters frequently display bravery in challenging situations.

loyalty 7/10

Loyalty among friends is portrayed as a vital trait.

curiosity 6/10

The protagonist's curiosity drives much of the plot and their adventures.

violence 6/10

There are scenes that involve physical altercations, a murder, and various perilous situations.

fear 5/10

Some sequences might be intense for younger viewers, including moments of danger and suspense.

language 2/10

Mild language and insults are present throughout the film.