Tuck Everlasting ( 2002 )


Teenager Winnie Foster is growing up in a small rural town in 1914 with her loving but overprotective parents, but Winnie longs for a life of greater freedom and adventure.

love 8/10

Themes of familial and romantic love are central to the storyline.

compassion 7/10

The characters display significant empathy and understanding towards each other's situations.

empathy 7/10

Understanding and sharing the feelings of others play an important role in the character development.

courage 6/10

Characters show bravery when faced with difficult choices and dangerous situations.

family 6/10

Family bonds and the importance of family are key elements in the film.

friendship 6/10

Friendship plays a vital role, highlighting loyalty and trust among characters.

dark 4/10

Themes of mortality and immortality are prevalent which can be a bit heavy for younger viewers.

fear 3/10

Some suspenseful and tense moments might be mildly scary for children.

violence 3/10

There are minor confrontations and perilous situations, but no graphic violence.