Up ( 2009 )


Carl Fredricksen spent his entire life dreaming of exploring the globe and experiencing life to its fullest. But at age 78, life seems to have passed him by, until a twist of fate (and a persistent 8-year old Wilderness Explorer named Russell) gives him a new lease on life.

friendship 10/10

The importance of friendship is a significant theme throughout the movie.

love 10/10

The movie portrays deep and enduring love.

bravery 9/10

Characters demonstrate bravery in facing challenges and fears.

loyalty 8/10

Characters show a strong sense of loyalty to one another.

perseverance 8/10

Characters persist through difficult obstacles and hardships.

kindness 7/10

Acts of kindness and generosity are depicted frequently.

responsibility 7/10

Characters take responsibility for their actions and commitments.

fear 3/10

There are intense moments involving wild animals and perilous situations.

violence 2/10

Mild cartoonish violence with some action scenes.

dark 2/10

Themes of loss and grief are present, which may be sensitive for younger viewers.